IP Australia fees rise from 1 July 2012

In Designs, IP Australia, Patents, Trademarks on 11 May 2012 at 17:40

Following the Australian Federal Budget on Tuesday 8 May 2012, IP Australia has announced a list of changes to fees charged for its products and services.

Most fee changes will take effect from 1 July 2012. New application filing fee charges will increase from 1 October 2012.

Full fees for each type of intellectual property can be found by clicking on the headings below. In summary, the new fees will be as follows (a variety of fees indicates that some filing methods cost more than others):


  • Headstart request:     $120/class
  • TM application:     $200 or $220/class
  • Standard TM registration:     $300/class
  • TM renewal:     $300 or $350/class


  • Application:     $250 or $350/design
  • Examination:     $420
  • Renewal:    $320 or $370


  • provisional application:     $110 or $210
  • standard patent:
    • application:     $370 or $470
    • examination:     $490
    • renewal:     $350 (yrs 4-9), $550 (yrs 10-14), $1,170 (yrs 15-19)
  • innovation patent:
    • application:     $180 or $280
    • examination:     $500
    • renewal:     $160 (yrs 2-4), $270 (yrs 5-7)
  • opposition:     $600

Plant Breeders’ Rights

  • Application:     $345 or $445
  • Examination (single):     $1,610
  • Certificate (PBR):     $345
  • Annual renewal:     $345 or $395
  1. Hi – I actually just did a post on the same thing today 🙂 It seems that it will still be possible to file a trademark application for $120 per class from October 2012, but only if using the “pick list” application type. But, all other fees for applications are going up. I find it interesting though that there are certain fees for an ‘approved’ method and a higher fee for ‘other methods’ of filing – yet, we don’t yet know what the approved methods will be. It makes it difficult to accurately advise clients on what they can expect to be paying of the increase is in effect.

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