NSW Police sued for “Copyright Piracy”: ABC TV

In Copyright, FCA on 30 April 2012 at 21:54

A recent report on ABC TV’s current affairs program The 7.30 Report details a case before the Federal Court of Australia.

The report claims:

  • the NSW Police are being sued by UK software firm Micro Focus.
  • Micro Focus alleges the NSW Police exceeded its license for its ViewNow database software by installing it on too many computers, continuing to use the software after the license expired, and providing copies of the software to other law enforcement agencies.
  • The NSW Department of Corrective Services, NSW Ombudsman’s Office and the Police Integrity Commission settled out of court.
  • In an interview, cybercrime investigator Michael Speck says: “You think about copyright like a hire car agreement. When the agreement runs out you can’t continue to drive the car and you certainly can’t give it to your mates. And that’s what happened here.”
  • In a further twist, the report claims: “Micro Focus plans to launch yet another lawsuit, this time accusing the police of trying to replace the first batch of pirated software with another batch of pirated software which also belongs to Micro Focus.” The NSW Police issued a statement in response, stating: “NSW Police denies these fresh claims in relation to the NetManage Applet and will vigorously contest the matter.”

Further information:


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