HCA iiNet decision out 10am Friday 20 April 2012

In Copyright on 17 April 2012 at 07:04

Roadshow Films Pty Ltd & Ors v iiNet Ltd

The High Court of Australia will deliver its judgment at 10am on Friday 20 April 2012, iiNet has told the Australian Stock Exchange (‘ASX’).

The case considers ‘authorization’ to infringe in Australian copyright law. Roadshow Films and other members of the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (‘AFACT’) allege that internet service provider (‘ISP’) iiNet ‘authorised’ its subscribers to engage in copyright-infringing downloading of material owned by AFACT members.

iiNet won at first instance and, arguably narrowly, on appeal before the Federal Court of Australia. Roadshow Films appealed to the High Court of Australia, which heard the case in late 2011.

HCA decisions are made available on the AustLII website on the day judgment is delivered.

Useful references:

FCA: the trial decision (Cowdroy J)

FCA: the Full Court’s appellate decisions (Emmett & Nicholas JJ, Jagot J dissenting)

HCA: submissions to the Court

A brief summary of the saga from ArtsLaw Centre


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